Good Science vs. Good Story

My play now then again is a love story between two physicists. It was inspired by a chapter I read in Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality. The chapter describes quantum entanglement as a handshake across time, a communication between the future and the past. After writing the play, I attended a conference which brought together writers and physicists so that we might learn from each other. A Nobel-prize-winning physicist cornered me at the conference and asked me to defend the scientific theory in my play. My only defense was that I read about it and that it sounded cool so I wrote a play about it. This defense did not seem to satisfy the Nobel Prize winner, who had serious questions about the theory's validity.

So, I don't know if the theory is solid science. But, whenever I read about it, it still strikes me as super-cool. So when I read this today, I had to share it. It may or may not be real. But it is inspiring. "It's not just the past that changes the future. It's the future that changes the past." --Henry, in now then again.

I Rewrote Strindberg. He Had it Coming

It had been years since I last read Miss Julie. So, when I got the commission to do this adaptation, I sat down with Strindberg’s script to look at it with a fresh eye. I read the script. And then I read it again. And then I read it a third time. And each time, I was left with the same question: “Why does Julie fall apart? Why does this competent savvy woman collapse under the pressure of these particular events?” Read More...