Good Science vs. Good Story

My play now then again is a love story between two physicists. It was inspired by a chapter I read in Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality. The chapter describes quantum entanglement as a handshake across time, a communication between the future and the past. After writing the play, I attended a conference which brought together writers and physicists so that we might learn from each other. A Nobel-prize-winning physicist cornered me at the conference and asked me to defend the scientific theory in my play. My only defense was that I read about it and that it sounded cool so I wrote a play about it. This defense did not seem to satisfy the Nobel Prize winner, who had serious questions about the theory's validity.

So, I don't know if the theory is solid science. But, whenever I read about it, it still strikes me as super-cool. So when I read this today, I had to share it. It may or may not be real. But it is inspiring. "It's not just the past that changes the future. It's the future that changes the past." --Henry, in now then again.

Keys of the Kingdom opens January 2015 in Chicago IL

Stage Left Theatre, in association with Theater Wit, announces the upcoming world premiere of Keys of the Kingdom written by Penny Penniston and directed by ensemble member Greg Werstler. Keys of the Kingdom is the second production of Stage Left's 33rd season. Press opening is Friday, January 16, 2015 at 8 PM at Theater Wit, 1229 West Belmont / Chicago IL 60657. The show runs through February 15, 2015.

As assistant to the celebrity pastor of an evangelical mega church, Arthur obeys orders, attacks paperwork, and guards against sin. So Arthur is surprised when the church pastor commissions a mural from Irene Hoff, an atheist New York artist married to another woman. Arthur is even more surprised when the pastor explains that he believes Irene has been chosen by God. But the biggest surprise of all is what happens when Irene shows up and starts to paint.


Keys of the Kingdom at Portland Center Stage

Are you in Portland Oregon July 25-28? See my new play Keys of the Kingdom alongside exciting new work by playwrights Tommy Smith, Mat Smart, and Adam Bock. We’ll be presenting public readings at Portland Center Stage’s JAW Festival. My reading is slated for 4pm on Friday, July 25, but check the PCS website for schedule updates and directions.

Good for Geeks, Nice for Nerds

SFcrowsnest covers “everything that’s good for geeks and nice for nerds.” Apparently, my book Talk the Talk: A Dialogue Workshop for Scriptwriters is sufficiently geeky and nerdy to make the cut. Check out the review:

I came away from this book glad to know that I’ve been practicing much of what Penniston says here. If you’re a novice writer or even one who needs to develop their storycraft, then you will find some benefits but, and I’ll emphasise this, you must do all the lessons here as they are designed to make you think about what you are doing rather than just put pen to paper and hoping for the best. Although I suspect many of you neo-writers think this makes storywriting more of a technical exercise, it doesn’t really. As Penniston points out, once it becomes innate, you’ll only refer to her book when you get truly stuck. You’re always going to be learning with each story your write.

The Scriptwriter’s Temper Tantrum

What to do when your writing student is sobbing, screaming, and throwing things... Read More...