TV & Radio Copywriting
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TAGHeuer "Time"

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Hardee's "Mouthful"

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George Wendt for Chicago Theaters

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Huffy Bicycles "Ironman"

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Hardee's "Pom-Poms"

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Metamucil "Ref"

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Hardee's Radio "Big Game"

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Huffy Bicycles "Getting There"

Print Copywriting
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Huffy BMX-style bike for kids.
Strategic Direction: Capture the sense of daring and freedom of childhood bike-riding

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Cronan Artefact
Concept Development for Cronan Artefact- a San Francisco clothing store featuring comfortable, functional, but well designed clothing.

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Strategic Direction: Clearasil as part of an every-day cleansing routine-- one that leads to success.

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Concept Development for a mix & match set of perfumes. A woman can combine the scents to create her own distinct mood.

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League of Chicago Theaters
Assignment: Encourage Chicago residents to break out of their usual routine and explore the many options in the Chicago Theater scene.

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Museum of Broadcast Communications
Assignment: Create a tag line to promote attendance at the museum and to communicate the museum's mission to preserve and celebrate American broadcast history.

Corporate Communication
Department of Internal Medicine at Rush University Hospital

Created a 70 page annual report which summarized the department's financial activities, celebrated its academic and medical achievements, and profiled the work of its physicians and faculty. The report included 16 different feature stories on administrative leadership, individual medical specialties, departmental outreach, and medical education.
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA Paper)

Concept development and copywriting for one of the world's largest paper companies. Wrote and collaborated on the production of a 6 minute video which highlights the company's environmental achievements, details the company's manufacturing process, and communicates the company's business philosophy and values.
Lab Schools of Chicago

Multiple assignments for Lab Life, the parent and alumnae magazine. All stories seek to communicate the school's mission and values, to enhance the ties of the school community, and to provide entertaining profiles of the school's activities and the work of its students. Past stories have covered topics such as: the school's summer camp program, the introduction of a new biology curriculum and students' political volunteer activities during the 2008 presidential campaigns.

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