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There is a naked man sobbing in the middle of the men’s locker room. When two guys walk into this situation, they discover that getting out will be more than they bargained for. This comedy by writer/director Penny Penniston pokes fun at a culture of macho posturing and highlights the absurd predicament of American masculinity.
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Edgar Miguel Sanchez, Joe Foust, & Kevin McKillip star in Locker Room Talk

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Adirondack Film Festival selects Locker Room Talk

This fall, Locker Room Talk screens at the Adirondack Film Festival, which runs Oct 18-20 in Glens Falls, New York! I'm particularly excited to attend the festival because it is one of the only festivals in the country that partners with a professional theater company. That should bring an exciting mix of perspectives to the experience. As a playwright, talking to theater people always feels like talking to family. I'm looking forward to sharing the film with everyone there.

Locker Room Talk to Screen at Middle Coast Film Festival

LOCKER ROOM TALK is coming to the Davis Theater in Chicago! Join me at the Middle Coast Film Festival for a screening of this hilarious short film starring Edgar Miguel Sanchez, Kevin McKillip, & Joe Foust. LOCKER ROOM TALK is one of the comedies selected for the "Funny Ha Ha" shorts block on Saturday, September 22 at 4pm. Get your tickets and enjoy our film along side some other amazing shorts from Chicago filmmakers.

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