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Stage Play: Finding faith in the minefield of the culture war.
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Stage Play: A fiery adaptation of August Strindberg's classic.
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Short Film: On the night before their wedding, a bride and groom discover that their future is only one of a million possibilities.
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Stage Play: Two physicists fall in love despite her husband, his neurosis, and their firm belief that there is no such thing as destiny.
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Stage Play: An adaptation of the 1611 comedy by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker.
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Stage Play: A charming story about growing up and growing together in America. One act. Appropriate for middle school and high school students.
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Stage Play: A scathing drama of the advertising age.
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Textbook: Great dialogue builds great scripts. This books gives screenwriters and playwrights an easy to use training manual for improving dialogue writing skills It includes step-by-step lessons and over 80 targeted dialogue writing exercises.
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