VFX Production

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  • Virtual Production: Spearheaded the creation of production workflows for the motion capture stage; virtual camera (vcam) sessions; and associated editorial handoffs/tracking. Collaborated with the production team to integrate these virtual production workflows with the existing animation pipeline and deliver the studio’s first virtual production animated television series.
  • Shotgrid Data Schema: Designed & implemented front-facing Shotgrid data schema (entities, data linking fields, custom queries/filters, custom fields, task templates, pipeline steps, custom pages, and report widgets) to track production data. Collaborated with the production team to assess needs; collaborated with the development team to ensure that this schema fit within the pipeline structure.
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Super Giant Robot Brothers
Netflix, 2022. Directed by Mark Andrews

  • Motion Capture: 1st AD & Script Supervisor responsibilities for all 10 episodes on the motion capture stage. This included script & storyboard breakdowns; scheduling, organizing & running shoot days; tracking take notes & script changes; managed the stage production team
  • Virtual Camera (vcam): Manager for the vcam team. Responsibilities included tracking UE builds; scheduling vcam shoots; coordinating communication between editorial and the vcam stage.
  • Pick-ups & Loop Group: Tracked script changes; scheduled pick up & loop group sessions.
  • Post Production: Coordinator for editorial deliveries & post-production.

A CG animated virtual reality film by Brian Andrews.
Selected for the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

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Coordinated a team of 30 visual effects artists to develop 3D assets, shepherd them through the animation pipeline, and deliver finished, composited shots for the final edit. Created a Shotgun project structure and task templates to assign artist work and manage pipeline handoffs.

Cafe Guy
Director & VFX Producer
Friends of Chicago's Neighborhood Theaters

For this web series, we shot background plates of locations all around Chicago, then commissioned local playwrights to create a monologue for each location. We shot the actors against green screen at a local theater, then composited together the transition effect at the end.